West Wycombe Park and the Estate has been used as a location for numerous well known productions over the last twenty years and before. We welcome any inquiry and do out utmost to accommodate any requirements. The beauty and versatility of West Wycombe, especially the main house, along with our can-do attitude and our proximity to London and the film studios has ticked the box for many producers. We cover both still and movie work, from small fashion houses and magazines and TV work to the main picture houses.

For example the main house has been featured as a various typical English country houses and stately homes, a Russian Palace, a Roman Villa, a French Chateau, Buckingham Palace, a Bolivian hacienda,  an Indian Palace, an American restaurant, and various Italian Palazzos to name a few.

westwycombe2 Inside the house the rooms lend themselves to being dressed to suit virtually any period and style. The floors are mostly marble or with polished timber, and most ceilings are decorated with frescoes and the walls marbled or hung with silk. These make the perfect backdrop for fashion shoots and period films. The art collection is of international quality and our furniture and paintings sometimes remain in situ or can be removed by agreement.

The parkland is a delightful setting with a lake in its midst. We have wide sweeping lawns and meadows, riverside walks, bridges and temples, walled gardens, stables and courtyards and open woodland. The complete absence of footpaths, roads, signs, overhead wires and cables and another such modern eyesores has made West Wycombe perfect for many period and other romantic dramas. Many horse drawn carriages have been filmed using the drives and arriving at the house, and various trysts have been played out in the rowing boats and  the Temples.


The wider Estate has also been used on many occasions for productions such as 4 x 4 vehicle video promotions, period game shooting scenes, shots of vernacular farmhouses and cottages, typical rural or woodland settings etc.

If you wish to go underground then the Hellfire Caves is a really unique location. If you have any requirements for a crypt, tunnels, grottoes or dungeons then this may be the perfect and only place. About half a mile of tunnels lead underground with various rooms and chambers interspersed as you go down, including the famous Banqueting Hall. numerous paranormal interviews and documentaries on the spiritual have been filmed here. For more information on The Hellfire Caves see

We really understand what location work is all about and do all we can to ensure every visitor goes away with the shots they were looking for. Whether for a few hours or weeks, we try to meet all requirements and fit around filming and cast schedules. We can provide ample secure parking, hardstanding, privacy, WC’s, a convenient prop store, make-up area, security and many other services.


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